Age of Collapse / Warscroll

by Age of Collapse



This 12" split with Warscroll was our first release as Age of Collapse. The band was still a three piece, and it shows with the atmospheric layered guitars of later releases being almost completely absent, instead replaced by a much more aggressive, crust influenced and straight forward songwriting approach. This record also stands out for being our only release to feature Cello work, played here by Amanda Pangle.


released January 1, 2009



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Age of Collapse San Diego, California

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Track Name: Heads on High
If we're told how to live, told how to believe, are we not slaves? Are we? Distant whispers begging for sanity will be silenced. Those who pray for peace, pray for mercy, will burn...
Track Name: To Stand Amongst Broken Stones
To prepare for the be alone...
Crimson from bloodshed will dilute the soil; galvanizing a means to an end. And as the fires rage the numbers, they burn. The numbers, they scream.
...Is to remain solitary.
To anticipate be afraid...
Civilization will dehydrate itself.
...While left to remain solitary.
Dry throats and burning eyes signify the end; Signify the beginning. Dark clouds ascend, blinding the world to allow it to see again. To stand amongst broken stones and lifeless plains...
As foundations crumble the numbers will falter and cease to be.
Track Name: Ungrateful Sons
Rend the crust and tear her skin. Her lay bare; the wealth within. She pukes her blood to drown her cries. This deadly filth she's covered by. Our race's bane. She'll wretch in vain. Black blood we need black blood we'll seek. The reaping blade will cleave in two; our roots and rocks for all to view. Forsaken past, for future's vain. We see, we hear nothing, and her cries fall upon the deaf ears of ungrateful sons. We embrace our annihilation with open arms, and in our absence the light will shine again.
Track Name: Blind Sight
I hope there is more than reoccurring ideals and fantasies. Can the worth of existence still prove itself if we forget how to live? Words aren't enough for us to survive. Open your eyes, look around before the whole world turns grey. Realize your pain.