Love Conquers All

by Age of Collapse

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This album was recorded in the early Summer of 2010 when Adam Bixel was playing second guitar. Originally recorded as a tour demo for the California tour in mid-July, it was later re-packed and sold as Love Conquers All on tour of the West Coast in Winter 2011.

These songs stand as the transitional period from our more heavily crust influenced 2009 Split with Warscroll to the down-tuned, atmospheric and more experimental songs of 2011's Burden of Beast LP.


released July 2, 2010



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Age of Collapse San Diego, California

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Track Name: Worthless Throne
Dropped on Dead Earth. Can't take root. Withers on wind. The doomed gift of the still born. Our sons and daughters, cast out of molds, forged in the fires of vanity. Martyred errors of your worthless throne.
In your selfish pursuit of legacy a portrait is painted of despair to come. Love. Honor. Worth. Sorrow. Deceit.
Track Name: Never To Wake
In this state of consciousness, why should we be afraid of the evils manifested while trapped in this dream. Will we never wake? If we're only dreaming we accept no fucking blame. If we're only dreaming, what once was aware no longer pertains. Trapped in this dream, never to wake. Despair peaks through the cracks of the comforts of living, yet still we sleep soundly. Vision wonders through dark shades; shades of disdain. We sleep to avoid all chance of retribution. Our end; a nightmare envisioned through dark shades of madness, yet still we sleep soundly. All else will suffer as we sleep, never to wake. Only with eyes open can we see all the pain that we've caused.