by Age of Collapse



Atmospheric and uncompromising, DETERIORATE, the new EP from San Diego's Age of Collapse, builds on the chaotic song writing formula established in their debut LP. Moments of slow, reverb drenched restraint topple into full-speed savagery, reinforcing the bleak themes of this record; that all around us shall wear away in the inevitable passing of time.


released April 18, 2015

Recorded and Mixed at Audio Design by Dan Maier
Mastered at Mammoth Sound by Dan Randall
Illustrations by Joseph Sanchez
Layout by Blaine Slingerland



all rights reserved


Age of Collapse San Diego, California

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Track Name: Passing of Time / Days of Hell
Whispers to shield our eyes from decline of promise stagger through to elder years.
They’ve made forever deceived, blind believers of us.
Never believe your eyes. Never believe our eyes.

In these days of hell
We never learned to see past our self-importance.
We only gaze through liar’s eyes. Dull as night.

Forever. We’ll always be prisoners to these days of hell.

With tired eyes we stumble through the haze, ignorant to our failure.
Your legacy intact through insinuation and our days....days of hell.
Track Name: The Elders
In a vast, corroding world when the stale light of dawn has come they'll ask you with frightened eyes Mother, Father, what have you done? What have we done?...

The Elders shut their eyes and turn away from the hell we've made The burden they will pass to the young will break their dreams

With ancient and sickly hands the elders will gift keys to rusted empires and barren seas

Legacies of Decadence have paved streets of greed. (Mother Father) What have you done? What have we done?

Oxen like offspring, we're born into toil, born into pain

On our backs we carry your apathy we carry your failure...we carry your lies... and from the distant alleys of tomorrow you can hear their weary cries... Hear their cries.

They'll expect you to go beginning of the end of the world

We'll hang our heads in shame and sorrow for the price that must be paid by the young of the coming dawn.

You are, you are but a whisper... to the young of the coming dawn.